Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August

Room von Galen (up to 60 seats)

More light!

Why „von Galen“? We'll be happy to tell you in the evening over one of our beer specialities. In any case, the Cardinal and this conference room have one thing in common: you are blissfully happy. Here you work in a concentrated, creative and effective way. Occasionally, a view of the idyllic greenery relaxes you, and the adjoining terrace may awaken your longing - but it is also reserved for your team: The longing is satisfied. Perfect sound, air-conditioning and lighting technology, right up to the LED starry sky, discreetly hidden in a blue sky with white clouds during daylight.

Would you like to have a room like this twice? Then why not book Room von Büren as well. Right next door ...

Technical equipment

  • Wired network
  • WiFi up to 100 MBit
  • air conditioning
  • Integrated sound system
  • LED colour concept
  • sound-absorbing floor
  • own roof terrace (80 m²)
  • with view of the Emmerbach floodplain
  • connection to the room of Büren possible
  • can be darkened
  • electronically dimmable lighting control
  • ergonomically shaped chairs
  • acoustic ceiling

Room von Galen

Dimensions & Seating Plan

Room von Galen
Width x Length x Height [m] 7 x 16 x 3
Area [m²] 112
Seating Seats
U-shape 36
Square 40
Block 36
Rows of chairs 60
Parliamentary 40
Circle of Chairs 30
Banquet 50

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