Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August


Halls and rooms for various number of guests

The Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August is located in the middle of the green Davert, in a beautiful environment that is just ideal for joyful occasions and beautiful celebrations. Why not combine your celebration with one of our popular activities or an excursion to the most beautiful places in Münsterland!

Our various halls and rooms provide the perfect setting for parties and celebrations with very different numbers of guests:

  • Münsterland Hall up to 300 people
  • Clemens August Stuben up to 200 persons
  • Room Auenblick up to 60 persons
  • Room von Galen up to 50 persons
  • Room von Büren up to 30 persons

Virtual 360° views
Room Münsterland, view #1
Room Münsterland, view #2
Clemens August Stuben, view #1
Clemens August Stuben, view #2