Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August

Room von Büren (up to 38 seats)

The „fine“ one

The noblemen of Büren once owned the knight's castle of Davensberg. This is how this noble, fine conference room got its name. You work in a concentrated and intensive manner, in an intimate and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by warm wood tones. And you enjoy, as everywhere at Clemens-August, the unobtrusively functioning equipment of this friendly room for small to medium-sized conferences and seminars. Perfect sound, air-conditioning and lighting technology, right up to the LED starry sky, discreetly hidden in a blue sky with white clouds during daylight. By the way, Von Büren is also perfect in combination with the larger Galen room next door, because the rooms can be connected seamlessly.

Technical equipment

  • Wired network
  • WiFi up to 100 MBit
  • air conditioning
  • Integrated sound system
  • LED colour concept
  • sound-absorbing floor
  • accessible by lift
  • connection to the von Galen room possible
  • foyer
  • can be darkened
  • electronically dimmable lighting control
  • ergonomically shaped chairs
  • acoustic ceiling

Room von Büren

Dimensions & Seating Plan

Room von Büren
Width x Length x Height [m] 6.5 x 11 x 3
Area [m²]** 71.5
Seating Seats
U-shape 20
square 22
block 20
rows of chairs 38
parliamentary 20
Circle of Chairs 20
banquet 32

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