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NABU Pasture Landscape

Pasture landscape with Heck cattle and Konik horses

In February 2012, a grazing landscape with Heck cattle and Konik horses was inaugurated in the Emmerbach floodplain.

The combination of extensive year-round grazing with the new creation of watercourse and woody biotopes is intended to contribute to the near-natural development of the floodplain landscape in the Davert nature conservation and FFH area.

Until the middle of the 19th century, there had already been a wild herd in the Davert - at that time with the now extinct "Davert-Nickels" - which, similar to the Dülmen wild horses, lived in free herds all year round.

A new observation tower offers beautiful views of the floodplain landscape and a small picnic area invites you to linger.

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