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The Davensberg castle tower

The still preserved round tower of Davensberg Castle stands in the center of the village.

The tower with „torture chamber and witch's stick“ now houses a museum run by the Davensberg local history society. The exhibition focus is on old rural cultural tools.

Further information:

St. Anna Church

The Catholic church of St. Anne originated from a castle chapel, which was built with the castle already around 1250.

Around 1410, a chapel dedicated to St. Sylvester is built, but it is already considered dilapidated in 1490.

Our recommendation

We recommend a guided tour to the castle tower with its torture bed and the local history museum, as well as a guided tour in the St. Anna parish church.

In the guided tour you will learn everything you need to know about master builders, altar reredos and the admirable way in which the old late Gothic village chapel was combined with the new building style of the 70s.