Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August

The history of Clemens August

The early years

At the beginning of the 20th century, commercial transactions were settled only once a week - on Sunday after going to church. So they met at the farmer and grocer Clemens Frenster and committed the tradition to seal the deal with 2 half grains. 1 half grain before the service, 1 half grain after the service. Whoever wanted to, donated 10 pfennigs for it. This was reported as black catering. Clemens Frenster then applied for a liquor license, which was approved in 1907.

It all began with the conversion of the farm into a small restaurant with a hall, 5 guest rooms and a small garden restaurant. This was to serve as a second mainstay to agriculture. Theater plays in the winter, film screenings in the summer, dances and meetings for various clubs became a mainstay of the business. In 1928, the Münster-Dortmund railroad line was officially inaugurated. Thus, more and more city dwellers came to the countryside and the name of the house became more and more a term for Westphalian, fresh hospitality.

The years of „Economic Miracle“

In 1946, the eldest daughter Anni and her husband August Stattmann took over the business, which gave rise to the present name: Clemens (Frenster) August (Stattmann).

The two quickly realized that the potential of customers and guests was far from exhausted. So Anni and August built the first fully automatic bowling alley in the Lüdinghausen district, a bird shooting stand for the hotel's own shooting parties, and more guest rooms with in-room washing facilities and showers on the floors. Another foundation stone for today's business was laid by Anni Stattmann. With her accordion and many stories about country life, she entertained the guests in the 50s and 60s during cozy hours at the bar or at parties in the large hall. Thus she became known as the "singing landlady" far beyond the borders of the Münsterland. Many collieries from the Ruhr area knew at that time already the meeting place in the heart of the Münsterland.

The third generation

In 1972, the third generation, the eldest son Clemens August Stattmann and his wife Angelika, took over the business. With a lot of heart and work, the two started where the others left off. Colorful programs with music, dance and entertainment were offered in many different ways. Whether colorful carnival celebrations, bowling excursions, contemplative Christmas parties or wine festivals, where Clemens August personally appeared as the wine god Bachus. All programs were permanent fixtures at the Hotel Clemens August.

In 1983, Clemens August and Angelika Stattmann decided to build up another main pillar: the conference and seminar area. A guest house was built with 2 conference rooms, 16 hotel rooms with color TV, shower, WC and telephone. There was also a sauna for relaxation. This was so well received that the Hotel Clemens August was permanently enlarged.

Looking ahead, more hotel rooms were built in the main building, a second guest house with 20 rooms and a new restaurant to meet the great demand.

Today in its fourth generation

With the arrival of the next generation, Clemens-August jr. with wife Anke von Freeden in 1999 and Michael Stattmann in 2001, the fourth generation got its start in the expanding business. The "Clemens August Express" (panorama train on wheels), the first homepage, another reconstruction to 86 hotel rooms, a large hall for more than 350 people and further modernizations were realized to be one step ahead of the times again.

Today, the fourth generation: Michael Stattmann with his wife Sylvia and Clemens August von Freeden with his wife Anke lead the fortunes of the house and can now look back on 100 years of family tradition. All 4 generations gave and give with love, diligence and family atmosphere, the hotel since 1907 its name it deserves: Hotel Clemens-August The meeting place in the heart of the Münsterland - Westphalian, fresh hospitality.