Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August

Garden pavilion (up to 30 seats)

Outside in the midst

A view of nature clears the mind. And many views of nature? Clear your head! In our garden pavilion, your participants look out through the large windows on three sides, because this separate seminar room is located directly at the hotel, surrounded by the garden, terrace and Emmerbach floodplain. Self-sufficient from the main building, you are on your own - and at the same time right in the middle of it all. State-of-the-art conference technology meets nature! Sound-absorbing flooring, air conditioning and an integrated sound system meet a rustic wooden ceiling. A conference room dream in the countryside.

Technical equipment

  • Blackout option
  • sound-absorbing floor
  • directly adjoining terrace
  • WiFi up to 100 MBit
  • air conditioning
  • ergonomically shaped chairs
  • integrated sound system
  • direct view of the Emmerbach floodplain
  • daylight from three sides

Garden pavilion

Dimensions & Seating Plan

Garden Pavilion
Width x Length x Height [m] 7 x 10,5 x 3
Area [m²] 60
Seating Seats
U-shape 20
Square 24
Block 20
Rows of chairs 30
Parliamentary 18
Circle of Chairs 20
Banquet 30

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