Hotel Restaurant Clemens-August

Beer menu

Can be ordered à la carte at any time

Beer menu | € 49,00

Experience the interaction of food and beer

Warm beer bread with onion lard
and a salad bouquet

served with
Simcoe 3 IPA, Indian Pale Ale | hoppy with fruity aromas

Beef goulash
with onions, mushrooms and a dash of black beer, served with mashed potatoes and buttered carrots

served with
Ator 20, old Bavarian Doppelbock | aromatic roast with caramel notes

Chocolate cake
with a luscious centre, served with hot cherries and bourbon vanilla ice cream

served with
Noctus 100, Imperial Stout | bitter chocolaty with coffee notes

You can order our beer menu directly, à la carte at any time.
We look forward to your visit!

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